Alright! I am back for the second week of Thursday Favs!

Today is one of my favorite Items!!

Nalgene bottles!!



I get my Nalgenes from REI. (here) Of course being in Seattle I am an REI snob so thats ovbs where I shop! I seriously love these.  They go with me EVERYWHERE!!

If you look close you can see I have a straw in mine. Yes you can get a fancy little drinker top, but I find that I drink way more with a straw and the risk of spilling is considerably lower!!

I keep these filled up typically and in the fridge on the weekends and one is always by my side at work. I have a goal of drinking 3L of water a day and without these it would not happen.

You may ask why not stainless steel or what about camelbak bottles? Well I think the ss bottles taste funny. And I have an older camelbak but the new ones have annoyed the heck out of me and I have returned two of them already. So I gave up.

These bottles are great and can go in the dishwasher on a regular basis to be cleaned!

Do you have a favorite water bottle? What kind? 

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