Happy Valentines Day!!

Just trying to get back to instagram pictures!

Here are some from our week!


This week I conquered my fear of the whole chicken. It was very good. although a tiny bit dry. Next time I think I’ll foil the top for the first half of cooking.



I don’t quite know how much Hannah weighs but we have moved up to the middle rise snap on her diapers now. It makes them fit better for sure! She sure is growing.. speaking of….



34 weeks old! these pictures are getting harder and harder to take! I have to be lightening quick! Rolling over a ton and shimmying backwards but no crawling yet. loves to chat and talk a lot too!



During the Olympics I have been crafting. The last couple nights I started on my Frosted pumpkin stitchery Once upon a time sampler! I saw so much of this on Instagram I had to join in this year! I’m starting with February and will go back and do January once I’m finished. I’m pretty excited! Its looking adorable so far!!


Hope you have a great day!


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