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Weekend Reacp & NEW site!

Welcome to my new site!! Its been a work in progress and there are still a few things to do. I haven’t gotten ALL of the posts migrated yet, but shortly! There is enough here to look around at!!

This weekend was fun. The hubs and I spent the whole weekend together pretty much and had a blast!

Friday Night:

We went with some friends to get pizza:


This is a new-er place in town which has italian style pizza.  A lady I run with and her husband own it. Its a bit pricey but we had fun. Head to Smoking Monkey to check it out for yourself!

Then we met up with some other friends for fro-yo.


This little guy got more fro-yo than anyone else and ate it all. Hilarious.


We slept in a bit and hit up starbucks. Of course. It was a dreary morning. Then we headed over to West Seattle (yes again we will live there one day…) This weekend they were having a parade! We watched the parade with our friends – well I walked the baby around in the stroller to get him to sleep but it was still fun! Then hubs and I headed to our favorite restaurant for lunch! Stomachs full of tex-mex and planning for the rest of the year done! We headed back out for some walking back to our car & just looking at houses!


We walked by this beautiful church and tree! It cleared up and turned into a beautiful afternoon!

Upon heading home I headed to the grocery store and started working on some goodies for Sunday:


Red Velvet cupcakes! from scratch! beyond yum!!!


Sunday Morning I went for a short run!!

It was a little over 2 miles and I had to walk a bit. I felt off to start with but sort of got in my groove. It was not bad. It was kind of muggy out but I feel good to have a short run in!

After church I frosted up my cupcakes:


And started putting together my next blanket:


Its soo cute!! I can’t wait!!

Then we headed over to the bbq for our friends who are moving away today. 🙁

BEAUTIFUL. But what you don’t see is how cold it was. brrr.


We had a fun time celebrating with our friends. Then it was back home to finish up the laundry and pack for my short trip this week to Cali.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!!


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  1. Becki @Fight4Wellness

    Awesome site! I'm so excited for you! I definitely need to get my act together in terms of actually making my site look nice. Seeing yours makes me wish I had taken things slow and done a proper set up before making the move. I love it!

  2. Emily

    Karla, your blog is too cute!!! Wow that pizza looks amazing…I want some right now! Y'all have a great weekend!

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